K2Photographic are based in Ouzlewell Green, which is in-between the cities of Leeds and Wakefield in West Yorkshire although our commissions take us throughout the UK.

We specialise in location photography services from Horse Portraits and Lifestyle Photography, to Mini Branding for small businesses and individuals looking for images that help clients convey visual messages.

Taking advantage of outdoor environments and combing portable studio quality lighting, we are able to help clients solve problems in creating images that are more specific to their image requirements.

We take the photographic services we provide seriously which is why K2Photographic are insured with Hiscox for Public Liability and Indemnity insurance.

Why should you consider K2Photographic for your photography needs?

The reality is there are numerouse photographers you can choose from and take pictures.

As a starting point, here are a few reasons why I think K2Photographic are worth considering.

We care about what we do, so the service we provide will match your photography brief, we always go the extra mile.

We will work with you on visual ideas or styles to promote your brand or business and help you solve problems in relation to visual image requirements you have.

All images are professionally edited which is included in the cost. We ensure image clarity, contrast and colour balance and sharpness, or we will refund you.

Do you need digital images in different formats? No problem, we can provide a choice of file formats from 16bit or 8bit TIFF’s to JPEG’s

Do you need image rights for a wide spectrum of images uses? We provide custom image rights that won’t burn a hole in your pocket or tie you up in knots.

Clear and transparent pricing, there are never any hidden costs, the price we quote is the price you will pay.

Select, view & purchase hi res digital images from the comfort of your of home, or business 24 hours a day 7 days a week, via a secure password protected on-line gallery.

Photography services can also be booked on line via our booking Calendar

Secure online payment options from Visa to PayPal

No hard selling of services, Images or products.

If we can be of service to you in any way, please get in touch.

A Personal View Of K2Photographic?

Hello, I’m Fletcher the owner of K2photographic and this is a little insight about me. I grew up in London with red double decker buses, sarsaparilla and bucket loads of curiosity. My passion for photography probably was the result of delivering magazines like National Geographic and the Sunday Times Magazine through people’s letter boxes as a teenager whilst doing my paper round, the images I saw also fuelled my desire to travel.

Delivering thousands of newspapers and magazines through people’s letter boxes provided me with the money to buy my first ever film camera. However, the price of film and developing costs made photography too expensive to continue, so my initial interest in photography as a teenager was cut short.

When photography entered the digital age, the cost of a DSLR continued to make photography expensive and although I wanted a DSLR, I just could never justify the cost. However, as digital technology continued to advance the cost of owning a DSLR became more reasonable and appealing, so when I was invited on a Kayaking trip to the Alps and realised no one had a DSLR to document the trip, I decided to buy my first DSLR, a Pentax K10. The K10 was a camera that I could afford and justify,  it was where my photography journey started.

Through the activities I participated in I also had opportunities to photograph the landscapes whilst traveling to places across the globe and the K1o DSLR never let me down, no matter how wet, cold or damp the conditions were, it was a great camera that got me started in digital photography.

As my passion for photography grew, I soon realised the limitations of the K10, so I upgraded to a Pentax K5 which at the time was a great camera, weather sealed, built like a tank and that Sony sensor was simply amazing. The images that the K5 produced for an APS-C camera were stunning. The Pentax K5 was also the first camera that I used for a few commissions, it taught me a great deal about photography and as my commissions increased, I started thinking about the type of camera that would better suit my growing photographic needs.


Creativity & Philosophy, A Personal View

With the vast majority of people now owning a smart phone, people can take digital images anywhere, at any time, so you might be thinking why would I want to pay for photography?

People need and like photography for different reasons, for example an image may end up being framed in a home, or be printed in a magazine to promote a product or service, so the images could be of the same subject but photographed very differently.

Personally, I think the purpose of photography is to show uniqueness, there are so many things we see every day that we take for granted, good photography visually grabs our attention. People are drawn to images and good photographs continue to spark all kinds of reactions and emotions which are the key ingredients of memories and stories to our lives.

As a working photographer, my creativity starts with using the right light at the right location and the right time. Photography lighting takes time to learn, practice, develop and master in order to create interesting images, so these are the skills and creative attributes that you will be investing in should you choose to commission me as a photographer.

Creating images that can focus attention rarely happen by chance, I don’t know many people who can just pick up a camera and take a great image without the knowledge, skills and experience to do so. However, there is more to my photography than just the techniques side, every commission I receive for the photography services I provide has customer service at its core, I listen to what clients don’t want before I think about any ideas as to what I think they may want.

The payment all photographers receive pays for their time, effort, skills and knowledge, together with the equipment they use. Photographers also pay for insurance, website hosting, and are trying to earn a living from their work, so surely if you value their photography it is worth investing in.


In 2013 like many other people I found myself being made redundant after eighteen years as a Senior Youth Worker and despite trying to find a normal or real job as people would say, I found that my skills were no longer required or valued. I did find employment as an alternative education tutor and did photographey jobs at weekends, so when the tutoring job ended after two years when I was made redundant again, I concluded that working with young people had run its course and I needed to do something different.

Not wanting to settle for the ordinary and end up doing something I hated work wise, I decided I had nothing to lose in trying to become a working photographer and although sarsaparilla and red double decker buses were in short supply in Leeds, I still had bucket loads of curiosity. I started learning the craft of photography, reading and watching everything that I could in relation to photography and lighting, I also paid for some photography training and my passion for photography had truly begun.

Photographically I have made a few mistakes along the way and wasted money on photography gear, but it’s all part of the learning and progression, sometimes mistakes can help you grow as a person and my personal view is that it is far better to fail trying then never try at all.

People sometimes ask “why K2photographic” it’s a story for another time, but in short as my wife also enjoys photography and assists, I decided on K2Photographic rather than Fletcher Davies photography. I specialise in Lifestyle and Equine photography as these were the areas where I gained my first commissions and where my passion lies, although I also provide photography services for Headshots and Mini Branding, together with Architectural photography.

People often ask about photography kit and my reply is “I use what works for me”. Over the past fourteen years I have used various camera brands, glass and although I do not shoot Canon, I still regard the Canon 300mm f/2.8L, together with the Canon 135mm f/2 as two incredible and unique lenses. I have taken some great images with these lenses and I still use the Canon 135mm today. via a converter. I currently shoot with Sony cameras and lenses; but all photography gear now is very good regardless of brand. Lighting wise I use a mixture of Godox and Paul C Buff and can do almost anything with this combination. As lighting is what makes photography, you can never stop learning in relation to lighting be it natural light or artificial light.

I will consider most photography commissions, so if you are in need of photography services, please let me know how I can be of service to you.



Integrity & Trust

One of the core values I grew up with was to treat those how you would want to be treated. I have integrated this value in to the services and products K2photographic provide. K2photographic provide transparent pricing and you will never experience a hard sell or pushy sales tactics. As a small business I rely on word of mouth, so every aspect of what I do as a photographer is about integrity and trust. I appreciate that paying for photography may seem like a luxury, but life without luxuries would be really dull. I appreciate that my photography may not appeal to everyone, but if you value the photography I provide, don’t just look at it as a luxury, look at it as an experience and an investment.


Many Thanks

Fletcher Davies





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