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Being passionate about photography I created the K2 Blog. Its purpose is about sharing my photographic experiences and adventures, what I learn along the way, together with tips and tricks in relation to equipment and processes.  


Embracing Hard Light

Soft, shadowless light has become the general direction that a lot of portrait photographers take, attaching fast lenses to their
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Learning The Power Of Blend Modes

The power of Photoshop never ceases to amaze me as I continue to learn how to utilise it’s full potential.
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Why Woodlands Are So Special For Horse Portrait Photography

Why are Woodlands so Special For Horse Portrait Photography? The natural ancient woodlands we see today have been shaped by
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Red Squirrels & Off Camera Flash Workshop

After presenting and promoting off camera flash at a few camera clubs, I was contacted to ask if I did
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Over Thirty Years Of Amazing

Regardless of your interest or skill level of photography Adobe Photoshop has become the most well known name of software
Horse Portrait Photography
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Horse Portrait Photography & Location Scouting

Horse Portrait Photography & Location Scouting Before I became interested in photography, If someone had have asked me about Location
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Unique Flash Workshop Opportunities

Despite the advances in technology you cannot learn everything online. We think we have a unique  way to develop new
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Salina Turda

Hidden below the Transylvanian landscape in Turda sits a large underground wonderland with a brightly lit modern art theme park nestled
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Lighting Modifiers, Don’t Be Fooled By The Hype.

When it comes to lighting modifiers, don’t be fooled by the hype, the quality of the materials are important, but

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