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Being passionate about photography I created the K2 Blog. Its purpose is about sharing my photographic experiences and adventures, what I learn along the way, together with tips and tricks in relation to equipment and processes.  

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Why I Moved To SiteGround

If you’re setting up a website, you’re going to be in need of a web hosting service. It’s as simple
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Collaborative Autumn Horse Portraits 2019

Collaborative Autumn Horse Portraits 2019 Although I take commissions for Horse Portraits throughout the year, the autumn is always a
Travel Photography

On The Southern Slope Of The Magura Codlea

On the southern slope of the Magura Codlea sits a small Transylvanian village called Holbav. Although Holbav is only about
Travel Photography

Hanoi Scooter Haulage

What you can’t carry on the back of a motorcycle just isn’t worth carrying! There are about 5 million motorcycles
Travel Photography

Two Hundred Miles North West Of Hanoi – Mu Cang Chai

Travel two hundred and nineteen miles north west of Hanoi and you will encounter stunning rice terraces that have been

Understanding Light Falloff

If you read my blogs it won’t come as a surprise that I’m particularly interested in off-camera flash, especially for

The Lighting Of Road To Perdition

I decided to write a blog about the film Road To Perdition due to its beautiful cinematography which made me curious about
Wildlife Photography

Snaizholme Red Squirrels

Snaizholme Red Squirrels A century ago reds squirrels were common in woods and plantations throughout the UK, but with the
Equine Photography

Horses & Rewilding In Yorkshire

The horse is one of the oldest animals known to man and just a few thousand years ago, wild ponies

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