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Being passionate about photography I created the K2 Blog. Its purpose is about sharing my photographic experiences and adventures, what I learn along the way, together with tips and tricks in relation to equipment and processes.  

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Flashpoint R2 SPT Transceiver

If you are looking for a simple manual flash trigger set, the Flashpoint R2 SPT is a great option in
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Adobe Photoshop 2020

Thirty years ago Photoshop made its first appearance on the computer and is without a doubt the industry standard. The new
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The Value Of Commissioning A Photographer

There are roughly 7.5 billion people in the world and about 5 billion of them have a mobile phone. Roughly 4
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Faces Through Northern Vietnam

The human face is unique yet universal and ancient or modern, the human face has been expressive for over 4
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Adventures On Train Street Hanoi

There’s a very unique place in Hanoi that attracts tourists but its opening times are governed by train times and
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Why I Moved To SiteGround

If you’re setting up a website, you’re going to be in need of a web hosting service. It’s as simple
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Collaborative Autumn Horse Portraits 2019

Collaborative Autumn Horse Portraits 2019 Although I take commissions for Horse Portraits throughout the year, the autumn is always a
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On The Southern Slope Of The Magura Codlea

On the southern slope of the Magura Codlea sits a small Transylvanian village called Holbav. Although Holbav is only about
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Hanoi Scooter Haulage

What you can’t carry on the back of a motorcycle just isn’t worth carrying! There are about 5 million motorcycles

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