Lighting The Way Barnsley Photographic Society

Lighting The Way Barnsley Photographic Society


“Lighting the Way” is different in its approach, with the aim being by learning through reflection, rather than just hands on. The workshop provides the audience with an opportunity to see different types of images where flash has been used and to learn the techniques of how to use and modify flash to create their own light and not just on a subject.

K2Photographic will provide access to all of the portable lighting on the day, including the modifiers, together with different triggers for Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus, & Pentax cameras.


Lighting The Way An Overview:


  • Strobes: Speedlights, Flash
  • Creating your own light with flash (why & how)



  • Types of light modifiers
  • Flags, Silks, Scrims
  • Negative fill



  • Main or Key light, Fill light, Rim or Hair light
  • Colour, texture, shape and form


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