Photography Projects For 2022

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Many Thanks

Fletcher Davies

Collaborative New Style Horse Portraits

For 2022 we will be experimenting with some new styles of Horse Portrait photography. I am looking for people with horses who would be interested in working collaborativly to create equine images in April & May 2022. Click on the Image for more info. Please email me  if you would like to arrange a shoot and location.


Silhouettes In Yorkshire Landscapes.

An ongoing project photographing Silhouettes In Yorkshire Landscapes. New Content coming soon.


Looking For Yorkshires Hidden Gems

An ongoing photography project for 2022 Discovering Yorkshires Hidden Gems & History. Learn more by clicking on the image.


Environmental Portraits With A Long Throw Reflector

Hard Light Environmental Portraits using a PCB long throw with Godox AD300 pro. New Content coming soon.

The Sky Is Not The Limit

Sharing is the foundation of human connection. When we share what is important to us, whether it is our work, our knowledge, our ideas, or our opinions we can all benefit.  . Coming Autumn 2022


Flash Photography provides a vast array of creative photography opportunities. Take flash photography beyond the limitations of HSS (High Speed Sync) without losing power. Comming Autumn 2022


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