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This page is about Paying It Forward photographically, The Page is in development, but you will find downloads, links and reviews. I hope you find it useful.


This column provides free downloadable PDF’s related to Photography, Lighting & Photoshop. I have also included locations PDF’s that may interest photographers. Some of the PDF’s I create myself and other PDF’s are in the Public Domain.

A Guide: Why & How To Gel Flash For Woodland Shade

The key to using flash is learning how to gel your lights, be it for corrective purposes or creative effect.

This PDF provides guidance on Why & How To Gel Flash For Woodland Shade

Snaizeholme Red Squirrels

A guide to the Snaizeholme Squirrel Reserve on were to see the Red Squirrels, a mao of the walk to the viewing area and other information about the area.

Skipwith Common

A guide to Skipwith Common and its wild ponies. The Landscape is one of the last remaining areas of northern lowland heath in England
A Free National Geographic Guide To Photography.


In this column you will find mini reviews to products I use & have experience of, togher with DIY hacks to solve problems I have encountered that other photographers may find useful.


Photography Lighting equipment is often very expensive and sometimes you have to pay for quality. However, just because a product does not have a well known branded name, it does not mean that it’s of poor quality or wont do the job as well as a premium brand name. If you take Godox, just over five years ago, no one would have taken them seriously, just look at where they are now and what the provide. Over the years lighting you learn more about lighting and gear, I have made a few purchasing mistakes, but if you learn from your mistakes, they can be productive. In this column you will provide information and links to products and solutions in relation to using flash.
If you are looking for mini grip & rig accessories, these two Moman products are certainly worth a look.


Listed below are a selection of photography related websites that provide a wealth of information, ideas and learning that I have found useful.

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