What makes a photograph interesting?

If you ask a person for a definition of what makes a good photograph, you will receive a multitude of descriptions either describing the process, or an individual’s personal feelings, tastes and opinions.

Photography is subjective, but one aspect of photography that I personally think can be defined and agreed on, is that good light provides impact to a photograph.

With the majority of equine photographer’s work being on location outdoors, good light can rarely be guaranteed. To improve my location photography, I decided to mix flash and ambient light together, this provides me with more control of light and how it can be used. By combining ambient and flash, I can photograph moments and subjects not as they are, but illuminating how they can be making images more impactful.


Equine Image Gallery

The Equine Image Gallery shows some images of horse owners who decided to treat themselves and their horse to an exprience of a horse portrait shoot at various suitable loctions for horse portrait photograpy and are suitable for a hack too.

Equine Portrait Prices & FAQ

I appreciate that a Horse Portrait shoot is a treat, so if you have any suggestions in relation to the services and products I offer, I would be happy to make adjustments to accommodate any needs or requirements you may have.

Download A Guide

I appreciate that my style of Horse Portraits may not appeal to everyone. However, you may find “How To Prepare For Your Equine Portrait” & “Horse Portraits & Lifestyle Locations” downloads useful, even if you choose another photographer.

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