Over the years I have purchased various filters from ND’s to Polarisers, both in square and circular formats. For me personally both of these options had their advantages and disadvantages, the square filters required a filter holder which created bulk and the circular filters had to be screwed and unscrewed on and off, so neither suited my needs. For my requirements, the K&F Magnetic Nano filters bridge the gap, easy to swap and stack and the quality is as good as any of the higher priced brands I have previously used.


Thanks to the lack of threads, the filters are very thin. The ND1000 filter measures a tiny 2mm, and the polarizer is only slightly thicker at 3mm. What I like about K&F’s CPL, is that contrary to regular circular polarizers, their CPL has no moving parts. It rotates simply by moving the CPL’s filter edge. This does generate a small friction noise, so for video use this would be an issue, but for stills photography it’s not an issue. Moreover, as the K&F Magnetic filters have no thread, this enable the filters to be very thin, the ND1000 filter measures a tiny 2mm, and the polarizer is only slightly thicker at 3mm. In short what you gain is a filter system that has far less bulk and is easy to swap or stack without any issues in relation to loss of sharpness or colour cast or the dreaded vignetting caused with some circular filters.

Horse Portrait Photography
Horse Portrait Photography

I really like K&F’s MRC UV filter as it offers some level of lens protection, together with a magnetic base for other magnetic filters, no messing around unscrewing filters and when I am using flash and need to kill three stops of ambient light, I can simply place the K&F ND8 on top of the MRC UV and there is no loss of sharpness or colour shift. If I then decide I no longer need to kill three stops of ambient, I just detach the ND8 and If I want more saturation, I can simply place the CPL on top of the MRC UV, without having to unscrew or screw each filter change I require. For me this makes my workflow simple and less of a faff.  I think K&F should commended for the quality of this magnetic system and for the price they charge, in the photography world there are a lot of companies that have had a monopoly in certain aspects of photography and this is now starting to shift, you no longer need to pay through the nose to get good quality kit. The days of cheap and shoddy Chinese photography products are numbered and the better Chinese companies acknowledge that in order to win customers, they have had to improve their game. Brand snobbery will always exist and in all walks of life, if people choose to spend more on a name when they can get the same quality with K&F, well that’s their prerogative, but I’d rather keep the extra I would have to pay in my pocket, but I am not saying that I am prepared to skimp on quality, there’s a very fine line between buying one and getting it right and buying cheap and spending more in the long run, but just because you may not recognise K&F, it does not mean poor quality.


Horse Portrait Photography
KF Concept Magnetic CPL Filter Horse Portrait Photography

I noticed that on the K&F website that you could not purchase the MRC UV magnetic filters separately, so I emailed K&F and they sent me a link where I could purchase exactly what I needed and wanted without having to buy another full kit magnetic kit, now that’s customer service and a win win situation for both them and me, I wonder how many of the well-known filter brands would provide that level of customer service?    

You can order directly from the K&F Concept website 

Here is a link to their Magnetic 77mm CPL Filter. https://www.kentfaith.co.uk/lens-filters/SKU.1725_77mm-nano-x-nd8-magnetic-filter-high-definition-coated-with-waterproof-scratch-resistant-anti-reflection-green-film-with-magnetic-attachment-ring-and-magnetic-metal-cover


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