How do we create distinctive equine images?

Creating distinctive equine images is a combination of factors, from the choice of location and lighting, together with lens choice and how the images are processed after the shoot. We put a huge amount of thought and effort into taking horse and rider portraits, although your input is just as important. The images you see on this website are images we like personally as photographers and are a record of the shoots we have facilitated when everything worked out well. Horses and the weather have minds of their own, so sometimes our best laid plans don’t come to fruition which is why we will always offer another shoot or your money back if you are not satisfied with the service we provide and that’s why we think our images can be distinguished from other photographers’ images.  

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Horse-Portrait-Locations-Guide. PDF

How-To-Prepare-For-Your-Horse-Portrait PDF

Horse Portrait Photography

Location & Lighting

Overlooking the importance of the choice of location for a horse portrait shoot can make or break an image, which is why why we provide a downloadable PDF guide in relation to location ideas. We will also provide information and guidance in relation to the style of lighting for these locations too.

Horse Portrait Photography Horse Portrait Photography

Lens Choice & Processing

Understang what type of images you like enables us a photographers to use the right lenses to use and how to process the images you desire.  We know what we like image wise as photographers, but we want to understand what type of images you like.


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