We have been photographing Bramham International Horse Trials Since June 2013, so after a two-year gap due to the pandemic, it was good to be back at Bramham for 2022.

The Cross Country has always appealed to me as a photographer due to the action and environment. Trying to capture something different at Bramham is always a challenge and so I decided that rather than photograph Sundays trot up, I would look for a location where I could capture some behind the scenes images that are rarely seen as everyone is often in front of Bramham house for the trot up.   

As the stables are often out of bounds for accredited photographers, I decided to explore the path that the horses take from the stables to the holding area and then on to the final trot up area.  I found a good location in relation to the sun at the top of a hill and decided to take a few test shots to see what it would look, so just had to wait for the grooms to walk the horses towards me. The first location was ideal, but the light was shifting rapidly, so I decided to move. I figured that as the light had shifted so much, I might be better photographing from the other side of the hill and waiting for the horses to return and this worked out really well and i managed to capture some behind the scenes images that are a little different.


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