Hi, I am looking for Horse owners for equine shoots for mid-April 2023 who have access to Barns or Stables with wide enough areas to photograph horses and owners in. I want to create and improve dramatic images like the one posted.  

Alternatively, people who hack in the Finkle Street Wharncliffe Heath Woods area – along Plank Gate Track who would be up for creative equine photography shoots. For anyone wanting to dress up, I would love to do a themed shoot.

In return for your time, I will provide digital images from the shoot suitable for social media at no charge.

Interested?  Email me fletcher@k2photographic.com or text me on 07838 178551 and I we can arrange dates and times.  

You can see some of my work here: https://k2photographic.com/equine-photography/horse-portrait-photography/


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