How we take our creative horse portraits using long throw reflectors and other lighting modifiers.

For the majority of the Horse portraits shoots we undertake, we tend to shoot between f/2 and f/4 with either 135mm, 85mm or 24mm focal length lenses. Sometimes the intention to blur the backgrounds from the subject, or we may choose to show some of the environment. In terms of lighting modifiers, a softbox or strip box are our main choices. Towards the back end of 2021, I had been experimenting with hard light as I wanted to add some different looks to the equine images I create and find ways to shoot carrying less gear.

Although the transition from winter to spring is now upon us, there is still very little colour around and when the light is bright and harsh photographing anything can be challenging with these two factors at play. Although I always scout locations prior to a shoot, it is very rare that the conditions in relation to the weather will be the same when I do try out new ideas for equine portraits and by not relying on woodlands, location options can become more limited.

After some initial location scouting, I decided to try a location at Pompicali, its between Thorner and Bramham in West Yorkshire and has good access for horses via two bridleways and the landscape is very unique and I thought it would be worth testing out via the collaborative horse portraits project.  

I decided to use a lens that I have never used for Horse portraits, a Sony 24mm-105mm. Lighting wise I took two Godox AD300 Pro’s and one Godox AD100 pro. In terms of lighting modifiers, I used a Godox AD-R12 Long Throw Reflector and a hacked Paul C Buff Long Throw Reflector that I can now directly attach to a Godox AD300 pro. I also took a Magmod Magbeam for the Godox AD100.

Despite the very bright conditions I was able to create these images by utilising an ND8 filter to keep within my flash sync speed.  Camera settings wise I was shooting at 1/200th at either f/4.5 or f/5.6 at iso 100 or 200 depending on the sun’s brightness.

Horse Portrait Photography
Horse Portrait Photography

Throughout 2022 I will be experimenting with new ideas for horse portrait photography. The collaborative equine shoots will mainly be in Yorkshire, but I will venture further afield if creative opportunities arise.  If you are reading this post and would like to participate or know someone who might be interested, the below information provides an outline to the Terms and conditions.

The copyright of all images taken via the collaborative horse portrait project belong to K2photographic. (All Rights Reserved)

Images taken by K2photographic can be used on social media feeds in relation to the services and products K2photographic provide via their website

Images suitable for social media will be provided to people who participate in the project and may be used for their own personal use only. If high resolution images are requested, Digital Image Packs can be purchased which include print licences.

If I participate in this project, what do I receive

The experience of a horse portrait photography shoot without having to pay for the shoot.

An opportunity to see different styles of images of yourself and your horse taken with portable studio lighting.

A selection of Images of your choice suitable for social media.

An opportunity to purchase his res digital images with a print license via digital images packs at a discount.

An opportunity to purchase A4 mounted prints at a discount.

Doing something different and telling other people about it and sharing images on social media.


Horse Portrait Photography
Horse Portrait Photography
Horse Portrait Photography
Horse Portrait Photography
Have you any questions you would like to ask in relations to K2photographic’s Collaborative Horse Portrait Project?
Please email me
Or alternativly use our call back service

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