What kind of Headshot do you need?

The terminology, Headshot and Mug Shot originate from the movie industry, but why is this little historical snippet of information relevant today?

The 1930’s was the Golden Age of the Hollywood film industry and the begining of new related technology and services.

Casting Agents roles were to promote talent, and Casting agents learned quickly that promoting their clients with good portraits rather than mug shots was worth the investment. It became obvious, that Directors hired more clients who arrived with a good portrait.

So the term “Show me some head shots, not mug shots” soon became a very relevant phrase if you were looking for fame and fortune in Hollywood.


Eighty years later people are still drawn to images, so, no matter what your line of work, a good head shot will do you more justice than a mug shot, be it in print, on Twitter, Facebook or on a website.

When your readers, clients and potential customers can see who you are, this will build trust, reinforcing both you and your brand.

Market research continues to identify that 82% of people are more likely to trust a business with a human face.

What do you want your Headshot to project about you?

Which locations would work best for my Headshot?


Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire you to take my Headshots?

I will listen to the ideas you may have or are trying to solve. I can help solve these problems by providing guidance and solutions in relation to Headshots. I will help you find your best angle, the right light and suitable locations. I also provide a gaurantee. See the “What If I don’t Like My Images” question further down.

How do I arrange or book a Headshot session?

Booking a Headshot is a simple procees and their are two methods available.

1. You can book and pay for a Headshot using the Online Booking Calendar, you can choose a specific, date, time and location and this will be garunteed. You can use the notes section to inform me of ideas or plans or ask questions and I will respond within 24 hours.

2. You can use the buy now button and then either email or phone me to arrange a suitable time and location.

What Headshot locations do you suggest?

K2photographic are based in the Leeds area of West Yorkshire, but I can travel further afield if required.

Talking through potential Headshot locations that you may have is always a good starting point and I will work with you to ensure any locations you have in mind are practical ones, both for your self and me as your photographer.

If you are stuck for potential lHeadshot ocation ideas, I can provide ideas and guidance. Looking for something unique or different for a Headshot or Mini Branding shoot? just ask.


Dose K2photographic provide hair and makeup services?

My skills are photography, lighting and image editing, so Hair, Makeup and styling are areas I would refer. I do know people who provide these services and would be more than happy to provide their contact details, but any arrangements made would be solely between you and them.

I can however provide an information guide to “Looking Your Best For Photography” the guide provides tips on types of makeup that are well suited to photography. together with clothes colour science and textures and other hints and tips and if you are investing in a Headshot, it is worth a read.




How many photos will you take?

This depends on the type of Headshot you have booked, but regardless of the price, you will always have enough images to choose from.

Will I receive all of the images you take?

Sorry the answer is no, but please allow me explain why.

No matter how professional a photographer is, they will always take a few test shots. I take and use test shots before your Headshot session commences, we will look at these together, but they are often not part of the images you receive.

As I provide three types of Headshot sessions, I provide different amounts of images in relation to the session booked. However, you can always choose which images you want in relation to the amount allocated images to the shoot you have paid for. So if I took 50 images and put these in an online Gallery, and you were entitled to ten, once you had decided on the ten you wanted, you would not receive the remaining images that were left over. 

What payment methods do you accept?

For all online bookings, K2photographic currently accept PayPal, Visa and most credit cards.

How secure is my online payment?

The k2photographic website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser, you will see a little padlock in the URL window of all secure websites. The SSL link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remains private and integral.

For online payments we use PayPal and Stripe. Stripe operates in over 25 countries that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Customers can pay instantly without being redirected away to complete the transaction. Stipe is a trusted secure online payment system. Paypal is one of the most recognised secure online payment systems in the world, both Strip & PayPal provide safe and secure online transactions.

What if I don't like the images you provide?

K2photographic gaurentees that if you are not satisfyed with the service or products I provide, then clients will not pay a thing.

Depending on how you found out about k2photographic, you will hopefully have looked at some of my photography work? If you have liked what you have seen, this is probably why you want to commission me?

I always go the extra mile to ensure the service and products I supply are of the highest quality.  The reality is if you are not happy with what I create, I have let you down which is not good for anyone.

So what happens If I feel let down?

If you genuinaly dont like what I provide, I offer the following solutions.

Firstly I would listen to why you are not happy. I would then offer a solution. Collectively we could try to solve the problem which is often the most reasonable first step.

Product related: If any of my products are defective in any way, I will replace them or offer a refund and apologise.

Photography Related: If you are not happy with the photographs I have taken, I would apologise and ask for feedback as to the reasons why. I would then offer arranging a re shoot so that I could try to resolve the issue.

In the very unlikely event that none of the above could be resolved, I would refund you the full amount you have paid, provided all products were returned including any images you are in possession off from the shoot that you had booked.

I think customer service is the most important factor of k2photographic and so treat people the way I would expect to be treated if I were buying a service or product. 

The FAQ has not answered a question I have.

Trying to think of every possible question and then placing them on here, would be an imposible taksk. However, I will try and answer any question I can. Please remember that no question is stupid, so please contact me and ask.

Being only human, i don’t know the winning numbers to the Lottery sorry. However if you are wondering “what’s the meaning of life”?  my answer would be: Make the most of the experiences and opportunities you encounter and look after the people and things you love.



Need Headshots For A Digital Presence? Start Here.


Portable Studio Quality Lighting

One location, but different styles

Images Individually Edited

An Online Gallery To View & Selct Images

5 Hi Res Image Credits

A Social Media Image Pack Ten Images


Looking For Different Styles Of Headshot To Meet Different Needs?


Portable Studio Quality Lighting

Two locations, with different styles

Images Individually Edited

A Private Online Gallery To View & Selct Images

10 Hi Res Image Credits

A Social Media Image Pack With All Images



Bespoke Headshots & Mini Branding With Unique Looks


Portable Studio Quality Lighting

Upto 4 locations, different styles

Images Individually Edited

Private Online Gallery To View & Selct Images

Bespoke All High Res Images 

A Social Media Image Pack All Images

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