Casting agents soon learned that promoting their clients with good portraits rather than mug shots was worth the investment when Directors hired clients who had good portraits. So the term “Show me some head shots, not mug shots” soon became very relevant.


People are drawn to images, so, no matter what your line of work, a good head shot will do you more justice than a mug shot, be it in print, on Twitter, Facebook or a website.

What makes a good photograph?

Elements of light, colour and composition are all key to creating a great photograph, but a photo without a subject or centre of interest rarely makes a good photograph.

Now imagine yourself with your horse, in hand or ridden, as the main subject, in a beautiful photogenic location, with your own personal photographer dedicated to creating extraordinary equine lifestyle portraits of you and your horse together.


Why should you choose K2photographic for an Equine Lifestyle Portrait?

I create memorable and unique equine lifestyle portraits that are worth investing in. I use portable studio lighting to photograph horses, so I can create the ideal light for stunning equine images. 

I listen to what people want and will work with you to achieve the images you desire and deserve. I guarantee that if you pick a location I have suggested and are not impressed with the final images, the only thing you will have spent is your time.


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