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Despite the advances in technology you cannot learn everything about photography online. What makes this workshop unique is  the way you develop new skills in relation to off camera flash via the subjects you photograph, Red Squirrels.  So If you feel that your photography skills or creative expression have hit a wall, why not join us on a Get Out & Learn Workshop and try photographing Red Squirrels with flash?


"I never knew that we had Red Squirrels In Yorkshire

Without Fletcher I doubt that I would have found this magical location and seen the Red Squirrels that I saw. I was amazed how many I saw and how close they came.   


"An Amazing & Unique Opportunity To Learn Flash Photography"

” Never thought of using flash for wildlife photography and the difference to the images flash makes is incredible. Learned so much and had a great time.”

"I will definitely be going back with my own flash"

Thanks to Fletcher & Fran and have decided to buy my own lighting kit since I learned so much from the workshop. Now that I know how to use flash and set things up I will definitely be going back and taking more images, I just need to practice.

"Absolutely Amazed Just Watching The Squirrels "

Previously I would never have attended a photography course, but the idea of photographing squirrels with light sounded different and as it was only £40 I took a punt and went with a friend. worth every penny despite half my images being rubish.  Absolutely amazing just watching the Red Squirrels,highly recommended experience.

Red Squirrels & Lighting Workshop Overviw.

When we were children there were no walls to our creativity, failure and mistakes fuelled our inspiration which was why playing was so enjoyable. If you feel that your photography skills or expression have hit a wall, what’s  stopping you from doing something about it?

Have you ever tried photographing Red Squirrels with flash? If you have a camera and a zoom lens between 70mm-200mm, this workshop is a unique way to learn and try off camera flash. K2photographic can provide all of the lighting equipment and guidance, regardless of camera brand or model of camera.

Will all the pictures of Red Squirrels be fantastic? No, they won’t. Why? Because you will be using creative exploration and through this process learning about lighting, and the squirrels you photograph, but I guarantee the experience will be enjoyable, memorable and will lift your photography skills and expression in a new direction.

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Workshop Specifics

Due to the location and uniqueness of photographing Red Squirrels with flash, I only facilitate this workshop with a maximum number of two people.

There are two meet up locations: Hawes & Ribble Head.

The duration of the workshop is a maximum of three hours.

The cost of this workshop is £40 per person.

Due to the elevation of the location and despite being within a wooded area, it can get cold, so I would recommend bringing warm clothing, a hat and gloves.

You will be doing a bit of sitting and waiting, so a sit-mat will help with comfort. Bring a flask of tea or coffee and some food to eat. I will provide you suitable dietry food for the squirrels.

What Equipment Will I Need?

A Digital Camera (DSLR) or Mirrorless Camera

Suitable Lenses: 70mm -200mm, 135mm, 100mm -300mm.

Media Cards, SD or CF

Spare Camera Battery.


If you would like to find out more or have any questions in relation to this workshop, please connact us.

Get Out & Learn Workshops are arranged on custom basis. For further information please use the contact form below and provide a date or dates that would be suitable for you personally.

Many Thanks Fletcher



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