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Equine Lifestyle Portraits Examples Gallery

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Photographs are a visual record of memorable experiences in our lives that convey thoughts and emotions beautifully. Considering an Equine Lifestyle Portrait? I will listen to what you desire and together will create stunning images.  

FAQ's & PricingAutumn 2019

How to Prepare For Your Equine Portrait

Like most things in life, preparation is key to success. As equine portraits are an investment in both time and money,  a little time spent planning will pay dividends. This PDF provides guidance on how to prepare for a Horse Portrait.

Autumn Horse Portraits 2019

View, Select & Purchase prints & digital images from the Calloborative Autumn Equine Shoot at Skipwith Common 2019

Horse Portrait & Lifestyle Locations

A guide to a some of the locations we use for Horse Portraits & Lifestyle Locations Shoots.

All of the locations listed in this PDF are suitable for horses. We add new locations when we discover them. know of a location that you think we should use? Let us know.

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