Prime, Deluxe Or Bespoke, What Do You Desire?



What You Can Expect:

One Hour Of Dedicated Equine Lifestyle Portrait Photography For one Horse

Portable Studio Quality Lighting

Images Individually Edited

A Private Online Gallery To Select Images

Three Image Print Credits

Fine Art Trade Guild Certified Mounted A4 Prints

A Social Media Image Pack Of All Images




What You Can Expect:

Two Hours Of Dedicated Equine Lifestyle Portrait Photography For Two Horses

Portable Studio Quality Lighting

Images Individually Edited

A Private Online Gallery To Select Images

Three Image Print Credits

Fine Art Trade Guild Certified Mounted A4 Prints

A Social Media Image Pack Of All Images




What You Can Expect:

Bespoke Equine Lifestyle Portrait Photography Dedicated To Photographing Your Horses

Portable Studio Quality Lighting

Optional Location Changes & Styles

Bespoke Individually Edited Images

A Private Online Gallery To Select Images

Bespoke Products (please ask for details)

A Bespoke Wall Art Credit

An  Image Pack Containing All Hi Resolution Images

Would You Prefer To Book An Equine Lifestyle Portrait At A Specific Time & Location?

The Online Booking Calendar provides specific dates, times, and locations for all of the photography services I provide.

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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

What if my horse won’t stand still or is behaving badly

We all have good and not so good days, sometimes a horse can be fantastic and then they can be frustrating.

Its is a good idea to brush up on your ground work prior to the shoot, if your horse can stand still and next to you for a few seconds, the images we take together will improve greatly. We will work with you and help you achieve this. We understand that horses, like people can get bored, taking your horse for a walk will help and we will bring along a few tricks and treats.

However there could be a reason for your horse's behaviour that you may not have considered, a physical cause, so take the time to check the health of your horse and if in doubt far better to call the Vet.



What should I wear? How do I prepare, leather Halter, Lead Rope or Bridle?

I have an Equine Portrait Guide, which provides some guidance and information on how to prepare both your horse and your self, I can send one to you at no charge.


I really like the dark and dramatic equine images with dark backgrounds will I receive one?

Creating dark and dramatic equine images requires some specific conditions. Firstly, only the Deluxe and Bespoke Equine Portrait packages offer this style of photography. There are locations where we can guarantee this style will work. Large barns and riding arenas are perfect for this type of photography.  Any areas with dark green backgrounds can also work, depending on the time of day. We will always discuss dark and dramatic image locations with you and more often than not be able to accommodate this style of photography.


Is Flash safe to use with Horses?

This is an issue with a lot of missconseption, but the truthfull answer 99.9% of horses are not bothered or affected by flash.

However, I never take anything for granted, so I always introduce the horse to flash gradually before taking portraits.

As all horses are different sometimes they can find sittuations and people nerving, I will ask you about your horse and his or her charictor before I use any equipment. Your horse and your welfare are a priority and I do everything practically possible to ensure this.

How many photos will you take?

This depends on the type of Equine Lifestyle Portrait you have booked, but regardless of the price, you will always have enough images to choose from.

Will I receive all of the images you take?

Sorry the answer is no, but please allow me explain why.

The amount and type of images you can choose is dependent on the type of Equine Lifestyle Portrait you have booked.

Regardless of the type of  the Equine Lifestyle Portrait you have booked, you can decide which image or images you want from the gallery I provide. When I think an image does not make the mark I don't use it, so you will never see it, you will have plenty of images to choose from though, so the problem most people encounter is choosing what images they do want.

What is an image credit?

An image credit pays for the products we supply.

Some examples are:

Fine Art Guild Certified Mounted Prints A4

Profesional Large Format Prints

Bespoke Framed Images

Bespoke Printed Images

Bespoke Wall Art

What payment methods do you accept?

For online booking K2photographic currently accept PayPal, Visa and most credit cards.

How secure is my online payment?

The k2photographic website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser, you will see a little padlock in the URL window of all secure websites. The SSL link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remains private and integral.

For online payments we use PayPal and Stripe. Stripe operates in over 25 countries that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Customers can pay instantly without being redirected away to complete the transaction. Stipe is a trusted secure online payment system. Paypal is one of the most recognised secure online payment systems in the world, both Strip & PayPal provide safe and secure online transactions.

What if it rains on the date of my portrait shoot?

As we live in the UK, Weather is the one thing I cannot control. However, in the event of a downpour, a snowstorm or a hurricane, collectivly we can arrange another booking that is convenient for both you and me.   




What if I don't like the images you provide?

K2photographic guarantee that if you are not satisfyed with the service or products I provide, then clients will not pay a thing.

Depending on how you found out about k2photographic, you will hopefully have looked at some of the lifestyle portrait images? If you have liked what you have seen, this is probably why you want to commission me?

I always go the extra mile to ensure the service and products I supply are of the highest quality.  The reality is if you are not happy with what I create, I have let you down which is not good for anyone.

So what happens If I feel let down?

If you genuinaly dont like what I provide, I offer the following solutions.

Firstly I would listen to why you are not happy. I would then offer a solution. Collectively we could try to solve the problem which is often the most reasonable first step.

Product related: If any of my products are defective in any way, I will replace them or offer a refund and apologise.

Photography Related: If you are not happy with the photographs I have taken, I would apologise and ask for feedback as to the reasons why. I would then offer arranging a re shoot so that I could try to resolve the issue.

In the very unlikely event that none of the above could be resolved, I would refund you the full amount you have paid, provided all products were returned including any images you are in possession off from the shoot that you had booked.

I think customer service is the most important factor of k2photographic and so treat people the way I would expect to be treated if I were buying a service or product.




Where and when can an Equine Lifestyle Portrait take place?

When we first started providing Equine Lifestyle Portraits we used to say “we are providing a service, so whenever and wherever you like”.  However, ever since our first Equine portrait, I have continued to put a lot of thought and time into finding suitable locations for Equine Lifestyle Portraits, the locations and backgrounds are a key factor in creating beautiful Equine Lifestyle Portraits and really are worth thinking about.

If you really want a good equine portrait offering the best opportunities for stunning images, the two locations that never fail to impress are Parlington Lane near Aberford & Bomber Loops near Skipwith, I guarantee if you have a shoot at either of these two locations you will be amazed at the images. However, like everything worthwhile, they do require time and effort to transport your horses. For all locations, apart from if we come to you, you will require a horsebox, or other means of equine transport. If you have equine transport, other locations close to Leeds include include: Bingley and Swillington.  Locations further afield that we have used include: Howell Wood Country Park near South Kirkby,Clumber Park, Longston near Leek, Thetford Forrest Park near Kings Lynn and Sandsend, Whitby.


For more information about potential equine portrait locations, please see the below link, we are happy to travel to any of the locations mentioned in this link.


We photograph all year round in most weather conditions, apart from when the wind is howling or there is torrential rain (unless you have a suitable barn). This is purely for safety and practical reasons and in the event of either affecting a shoot, we will offer to rearrange the shoot at a convenient time to you and ourselves.




The FAQ has not answered a question I have.

Trying to think of every possible question and then placing them on here, would be an imposible taksk. However, I will try and answer any question I can. Please remember that no question is stupid, so please contact me and ask.

Being only human, i don't know the winning numbers to the Lottery sorry. However if you are wondering "what's the meaning of life"?  my answer would be: Make the most of the experiences and opportunities you encounter and look after the people and things you love.

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