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If a pony is a childhood dream and a horse an adulthood treasure, then these memories should be worth investing in. I specialise in using the right light at the right time and the right place to create memorable Equine Lifestyle Portraits.

You can see some examples of Equine Lifestyle Portraits in the Equine Portraits Gallery

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“The efforts these guys go to, so that you are provided with beautiful images is remarkable.”


“We felt like we were making a movie, great experience and stunning photographs”


“Fletcher suggested a few locations for our equine shoot and the location provided lots of opportunities for portraits of our horses, standing, walking and galloping”


“I have some truly stunning images and the large canvas takes pride of place in the living room”


“When we received the images, the autumn colours were the icing on the cake, the images looked incredible. By far the best images of my horse ever taken”


“If you are thinking about having an equine portrait, book one. You won’t be disappointed”


“I can’t believe how they have been able to make me look so good”


“Being camera shy I was unsure about having an equine portrait shoot with k2photographic, but they really put me at ease”


“So many beautiful images of my horse”


“The only problem now is working out if we have enough wall space for the images I have chosen”


“So many beautiful images of my horse”

What makes a good photograph?

Elements of light, colour and composition are all key to creating a great photograph, but a photo without a subject or centre of interest rarely makes a good photograph.

Now imagine yourself with your horse, in hand or ridden, as the main subject, in a beautiful photogenic location, with your own personal photographer dedicated to creating extraordinary equine lifestyle portraits of you and your horse together.

I create beautiful images by going the extra mile in every aspect of the Equine Lifestyle Portrait experience.


Why should you choose K2photographic for an Equine Lifestyle Portrait?

I create memorable and unique equine lifestyle portraits that are worth investing in. I use portable studio lighting to photograph horses, so I can create the ideal light for stunning equine images. 

I listen to what people want and will work with you to achieve the images you desire and deserve. I guarantee that if you pick a location I have suggested and are not impressed with the final images, the only thing you will have spent is your time.

With K2photographic You will not expericence any hard selling tactics or pushy sales,  so any purchase decissions you do make will be yours and yours only.


Equine Lifestyle Portraits

Pricing & FAQ'sImage Examples

The FAQ tab provides anwers to the most common questions in relation to Equine Lifestyle Portraits that I am asked. However, if you have a specific question or I can be of service to you in any way, please use the contact form below.

Many Thanks Fletcher

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Would you like to book a specific date, time and location for you’re photography? K2photographic provide an online booking calendar that enables you to chack availability, make a booking and pay securley via PayPal or Stripe.

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