Saddle up for a unique Horse Portrait experience by turning a hack into a photographic adventure. Have a special day in the limelight with K2photographic capturing equine memories & locations beautifully.

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“The efforts these guys go to, so that you are provided with beautiful images is remarkable.”


“We felt like we were making a movie, great experience and stunning photographs”


“Fletcher suggested a few locations for our equine shoot and the location provided lots of opportunities for portraits of our horses, standing, walking and galloping”


“I have some truly stunning images and the large canvas takes pride of place in the living room”


“When we received the images, the autumn colours were the icing on the cake, the images looked incredible. By far the best images of my horse ever taken”


“If you are thinking about having an equine portrait, book one. You won’t be disappointed”


“I can’t believe how they have been able to make me look so good”


“Being camera shy I was unsure about having an equine portrait shoot with k2photographic, but they really put me at ease”


“So many beautiful images of my horse”


“The only problem now is working out if we have enough wall space for the images I have chosen”


“So many beautiful images of my horse”

Investing in a photographer to take images of any subject should never be a snap decision, which is why I would encourage you to book mark www.k2photographic.com and then take a look at other horse portrait photographers websites. By looking at other photographer’s websites, you will gain an insight into their style of work, together their integrity as a photographer. It is important to find a photographer who’s work resonates with you, as you will be better placed to inform the photographer as to what you like and desire in relation to the images you will create together.

Photographers often display their best images, so remember this when you look through their horse portrait images. As horses have their own personalities, just like humans, they can have good and not so good days. I understand how frustrating things can be when a horse is not happy. I am certainly not a horse behaviour expert,  although I will use every skill I know and poses to help you and your horse achieve the images you desire and deserve. If collectively we are unable to put the horse at ease, I will provide the opportunity to arrange another date and time for another shoot at no additional cost. How many other photographers are willing to provide this level of service?

As you will know your horse far better than me, you may have an ideas of how to get the best out of them in relation to their stance and position, but if you do need guidance we can work together, I have picked up a few ideas and tips over the years photographing horses, but i continue to learn. If you need to bounce any ideas or questions, please ask. I will happily answer any emails or phone call I receive.

What makes a good Equine photograph?

What makes a good equine portrait photograph is really down to personal subjective interpretation as we all have different tastes and ideas. Personally, I think the most important element of a good equine lifestyle portrait apart from the horse and the owner is lightiing, which is why i use portable studio lighting for all of my location photography.

Why should you choose K2photographic for an Equine Lifestyle Portrait?

Effective photography combines the elements of light, colour and composition in order to create a great images and these are the main elements that I provide as your photographer. However, without you and your horse, there would be no centre of interest to produce good photographs, so you play a big part in this process too.

Now, Imagine yourself with your horse, in hand or ridden, as the main centre of interest in a beautiful photogenic location with your own personal photographer dedicated to creating extraordinary equine lifestyle portraits of you and your horse together, it’s not just a memorable experience, it is your photographic story in the limelight.

Unlike many other equine photographers that rely on photoshop, I use portable studio lighting, that’s why K2photographic Equine Lifestyle images stand out. By using lighting, I can add depth, dimension and texture, Photoshop is very powerful tool, but it will not create the nuances that can make all the difference. I go the extra mile, when you commission me, you are investing in my lighting skills and knowledge, together with my passion and dedication to provide you with the best Equine images possible.

I guarantee that if you pick a location I have suggested and are not impressed with the final images, the only thing you will have spent is your time, your money will remain in your pocket. How many photographers are willing to provide this kind of guarantee?

Being a good photographer is more than just creativity and techniqual ability, a good photographer, will listen to what people want and will work with them to achieve the images they desire and deserve.

With K2photographic You will not experience any hard-selling tactics or pushy sales. You can choose a shoot that meets your requirements, so any purchasing decisions you make, will be yours and yours only. 

If I can be of service to you in any way please use the Contact form at the bottom of this page or the frequently asked questions button.



Equine Lifestyle Portraits

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The FAQ tab provides anwers to the most common questions in relation to Equine Lifestyle Portraits that I am asked. However, if you have a specific question or I can be of service to you in any way, please use the contact form below.

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