A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. K2photographic can solve many of the problems owners encounter whilst trying to photograph their dogs. 


"Spent an hour with these guys with our five and a half month old German Shepherd pup Diesel"

We now have a fantastic portfolio of this very special time in his life, all with a superb backdrop of gold’s, reds, bronzes and browns. Cannot recommend  k2photographic enough.


"Amazing pictures from two lovely very professional people."

“They worked relentlessly and patiently to capture the most beautiful portraits and crystal clear action shots”

The Images of Megs are brilliant; I couldn't have asked for better!

They care about what they do and manage to capture some fantastic images creating lasting memories. Would highly recommend them!

"Absolutely amazed by the photos we received "

The photoshoot was great fun and the  photos are superb. The  service they provide is exellent.

What makes a great photograph?

Elements of light, colour and composition are all key to creating a great photograph, but a photo without a subject or centre of interest probably isn’t worth taking.

Imagine your dog running towards you in a beautiful photogenic location, now add portable lighting and mix this with ambient light and unique and magical images can be created.

I am dedicated to creating extraordinary canine portraits that show the true character of your dog, capturing their essence beautifully.


Why should you choose K2photographic for a Dog Portrait?

Here are a few starting points: I use portable studio lighting to photograph dogs, so I can create the ideal light for stunning canine images both stationary or in action. I listen to what owners want and will work with you to achieve the images you desire and deserve. I guarantee that if you pick a location I have suggested and are not impressed with the final images, the only thing you will have spent is your time.


Dog Portrait Pricing & FAQ's

K2photographic provide three types of dog portraits depending on your needs and desires and we have a selection of frequently asked questions with answers.

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The FAQ tab provides anwers to the most common questions in relation to dog portraits that I am asked. However, if you have a specific question or I can be of service to you in any way, please use the contact form below.

Many Thanks Fletcher



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Canine Online Booking Calendar

Would you like to book a specific date, time and location for you’re photography? K2photographic provide an online booking calendar that enables you to chack availability, make a booking and pay securley via PayPal or Stripe.

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