Yorkshire has some incredible well known landscapes and places of historical significance that people vist, photograph and enjoy. Finding places that are off the beaten track or less visited is what this photography project is about   . I hope that people who view this page enjoy the images and stories behind them.

Horse Portrait Photography

Wentworth Woodhouse - A Monument To Great Aristocratic Wealth & Decline

You’ve probably heard of Chatsworth, Castle Howard and Blenheim Palace, but what about Wentworth Woodhouse?

Wentworth Wooodhouse facade is 606 ft, equivalent to about 16 London buses. Wentworth Woodhouse it is the biggest house in England and has the longest façade in Europe.

Horse Portrait Photography

A Hidden Yorkshire Gem - Nun Appleton Hall

Nun Appleton Hall is a Georgian stately home surrounded by beautiful parkland, but only a few people have set eyes on it in the last 30 years. The house is hidden behind locked gates, barbed wire fences and has a land locked public footpath which really intrigued my curiosity. But how do you access a land locked public footpath? Click the image to learn more.

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Looking for Acacia A Grand Victorian Yorkshire House

I became aware of Acacia House (now demolished) from the Story of Spite & Malice and the Ginnel in relation to Cragg Woods. What remains of the grand entrance to Acacia House is not easy to locate.  To learn more click on the image.

Horse Portrait Photography

What’s The Story Of Spite, Malice & The Ginnel?

Spite & Malice is the expression used to refer to both the ginnel and the dispute from which it took its name in Cragg Wood, Rawdon, West Yorkshire. It is difficult to discover the true story. To learn more click on the image.

Horse Portrait Photography

Hike To The Rogan & Rocking Hall

Rocking Hall takes its name from a large ‘rocking stone’ that lies between the two buildings. It is a substantial stone-built structure and features separate rooms for the shooters and beaters.

Horse Portrait Photography

Old Gang Smelting Mill

Old Gang Smelting Mill is in the Yorkshire Dales, tucked away off the beaten track.  By the 18th century, Britain was the biggest lead producer in the world, and prospecting in the Dales reached fever pitch. Most of the labour was manual and miners bargained with landowners for access to the lead ore deposits. To learn more click on the image.


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