Walking with Light

Walking with Light


By the start of the summer of 2020 I had concluded that equine photography was not going to happen which frustrated me greatly, but looking at the bigger picture and how the pandemic has affected people across the globe, it quickly refocused my mind.

Despite the impact of the pandemic in relation to my equine photography, I decided to to use this year to try out some new lighting ideas using minimum equipment. So, every time Fran and I went walking, I would take the kit below, it’s been a personal project really, I just wanted to see what I could do I with limited kit, in relation to location lighting.

Godox AD200

Godox AD-S2

Godox EC200

Godox H200R

Manfrotto Nano Pole Stand

Manfrotto Tilt Flash Shoe

MagMod Creative Gels Set

Sometimes I leave Godox H200R and the Godox EC200 at home, but the images displayed in this blog are all taken using the kit listed above.

Most weekends we go walking in either the Peak district or in Nidderdale although with some of the lockdown restrictions we have had some mini local adventures too.

In September we decided to drive up into Cumbria for a few days break in the camper can to visit Eden Valley, I had heard about two places that interested me called Lacy’s Cave and Coombs Wood.

Lacy’s Caves are a series of 5 chambers in the red sandstone cliff of River Eden, just north of Little Salkeld, Cumbria, England, near Nunnery, at grid reference NY564383. They are named after Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Lacy of Salkeld Hall, who commissioned their carving in the 18th century. The true purpose as to why the caves were carved remains unknown. However, the caves were used by Lacy for entertaining guests and the area was originally planted with ornamental gardens.

The length of the walk is 7km (4.5 miles) and the loop takes in Little Salkeld, Lacy’s Caves, St Michael’s Church, Long Meg stone circle, Little Salkeld a water mill and takes about 3 hours. You can download a PDF of the walk Here

We also went to Coombs Wood to look for the rock carvings and the carved poem, but were unable to locate them, although the river level was probably too high to gain access to the area where they are. So, we will have to return again sometime.

Closer to home there is a place we often visit on the outskirts of Sheffield called Warncliffe Crags. From Finkle Street you can walk along part of the old railway track through mixed woodland or take one of the tracks or paths along the edge of the crags and heath land, the area is very diverse and despite being close to Sheffield, it can feel like you are miles away.

 Practicing outdoor portrait ideas with Fran, using just one very portable lighting setup, mixing hard and ambient light

In October Fran & I were lucky to get away to the Breckon Beacons, we spent a week on the Brec and Mon Canal, I took the same lighting kit with me and created these images.

This year I have purchased a Godox AD300 pro to replace my old Godox 360, so in 2021 I plan on testing the AD300 pro together with some Godox mount modifiers I have purchased during 2020. I think the Godox AD300 pro is going to be a really versatile location lighting setup as it had more power than just one AD200, but the form factor of the AD300 is like a lens, so easily transportable

The Godox AD300 Pro & Why I Think It’s The Ideal Portable Light

The Godox AD300 Pro & Why I Think It’s The Ideal Portable Light

The Godox AD300 Pro & Why I Think It’s The Ideal Portable Flash.

In 2014 I purchased a Godox 180 flash as I was really becoming interested in Off Camera flash and it’s potential. From 2014 onwards, every flash I have purchased has been Godox. I cannot remember when I purchased the AD360ll with TTL, but it opened a new door in relation to using flash and when the AD200 arrived I was hooked, no wires, no battery packs and being able to combine two AD200’s via the AD-B2 head, I could have 400ws of power by paring two AD200’s.

As I have a Paul C Buff Einstein 640, The Godox AD600 or the pro version never really appealed to me, yes, the Einstein cannot do HSS or TTL, but if I ever need 600ws I can make do using a manual flash, but when the Godox AD300 Pro was announced earlier this year, it caught my attention for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s size in relation to power ratio without any leads or external battery packs and the Godox mount, more on that later.

For my uses the Godox AD300 is an ideal light for location work as that extra half a stop of light is a big deal to me, yes, I know I can move the light in closer, but what if you can’t or don’t wont to?

 As my lighting experience and knowledge have grown, I have become particularly interested in hard light and up until now most of the long throw reflectors I have used have a Bowens mount, which means using the Godox S Bracket.

Back to the Godox mount on the AD300 pro, this is where I think the form factor of the AD300 pro and the extra half stop are really useful. For me personally if I can reduce the amount of kit I have to carry, I can also reduce the weight, I am also less liable to forget something. Previously if I choose to walk into a location off the beaten track, I would really notice the extra weight of the kit I carried.

I have just received the Godox AD-R12 Long Focus Reflector for the Godox mount on the AD300 pro and from the initial tests I have conducted with it, it’s ideal for my needs. No longer do I need to carry the S bracket or the newer S2 bracket in order to mount a reflector to throw light further and the extra half a stop of light can make a real difference. Moreover, the AD-12 is smaller and lighter too.        

Just like many of the other Wistro flashes you can see the T.1 flash durations that can be turned on via the custom functions on the AD300 Pro, which are then displayed on the back the LCD which is useful for determining how well the flash can freeze motion at a given power setting listed below.

1/256 : 1/12,000
1/128: 1/9460
1/64: 1/7660
1/32: 1/5850
1/16: 1/4400
⅛: 1/2810
¼: 1/1670
½: 1/805
1/1: 1/280

Currently there is little info on the web in relation to the Godox AD300 pro and the Godox AD-R12 Long Focus Reflector, so I will be adding a blog, some video and images very soon.


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