Horse Portrait Photography

About K2Photographic

K2Photographic are based in Ouzlewell Green, which is in-between the cities of Leeds and Wakefield, in West Yorkshire. Our commissions take us throughout the UK and no commision is to small.

K2photographic provide location photography services from horse portraits and lifestyle photography, to mini branding for small businesses and individuals looking for images that help convey visual messages for both electronic and print purposes.

Taking advantage of outdoor environments and combing location lighting, we can photograph moments not as they are,  but through illuminating how they can be.

Our aim is to help clients solve problems by creating images that are more specific to their individual image requirements and desires than using generic stock images.


Horse Portrait Photography

About Fletcher

Hello, I’m Fletcher the owner of K2photographic and this is a little insight about me. I grew up in London with red double decker buses, sarsaparilla and bucket loads of curiosity. My passion for photography probably was the result of delivering magazines like National Geographic and the Sunday Times Magazine through people’s letter boxes as a teenager whilst doing my paper round. The images I saw as a teenager also fuelled my desire to travel and appreciation and fascination with photography.

In 2013 like many other people, I found myself being made redundant after eighteen years as a Senior Youth Worker and despite trying to find a normal or real job as people would say, I found that my skills were no longer required or valued. Not wanting to settle for the ordinary and end up doing something I had no passsion for work wise, I started putting my energy and efforts into photography with the aim of becoming a working photographer. Although Sarsaparilla and red double decker buses are in short supply in Leeds, my curiosity and passion for the craft of photography continues.

What Brand Of Equipment Do You Use?

This is a question that is often asked more by other photographers than clients. Personally I don’t think it’s importrant. I started out with Pentax and moved to Sony when my photography needs grew. Which camera brand is better than another? Shoot with what works for you and try to avoid the marketing hype. Better equipment will only help when you have the experience and knowldge to take advatage of it.


Horse Portrait Photography

Why We Shoot Sony?

Fran and I started out with a Sony A6000 when it was first released and really enjoyed using it. We both switched to full frame with the Sony A7M2. When the Sony A73 was released 3 years ago, it was at the forefront of Full Frame MILK cameras and provided great inovation such as eye detect. Sony are a very inovative company which is the main reason that we have invested in the Sony system and stayed with Sony.

Horse Portrait Photography

Godox Lighting Equipment

We started with Godox lighting  back in 2012 when Godox were virtualy unknown. Over the years Godox has become an established brand providing inovation through a great range of products at reasonable prices, providing an effective lighting tool.


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