Big & Epic Sky Horse Portrait Photography In Yorkshire

Big & Dramatic Sky’s Project 2022 Can You Help?


Life should be about experiences, so if you have thought about a horse portrait shoot with yourself and your horse, I am offering an opportunity to experience a horse portrait shoot where we will be helping each other. I usually take horse portraits in the autumn, taking advantage of the tones and colours that provide some great backgrounds to horse portraits. I have recently started photographing dramatic skies and combing skies with horse portraits in order to create some different styles of horse portrait, a modern take on George Stubbs, well that’s the idea.

I am looking to collaborate with people who like and appreciate equine photography and who own horses who would like to participate in photography shoots in Yorkshire, creating images with big and dramatic skies. The project will take place during July and August in the early evenings as the mid-day sun is often far too harsh.

In return for your time and effort I will provide images suitable for your social media feeds such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc as a way of saying thank you and at no charge.

People see images every day on phones, and computers, but when was the last time you saw a mounted print? A good mounted print is timeless.  So should you decide that you would like a print, I provide A4 Fine Art Trade Guild certified mounted prints at £22 per item or A3 Fine Art Trade Guild certified mounted prints £32 per item.

You can use the contact form below or email me any questions you may have and I will answer them within 24 hours.

Many Thanks

Fletcher Davies

Some examples of different skies for horse portraits

Horse Portrait Locations

To Download our Horse Portrait Locations Guide, just click on the image.

This PDF provides a selection of locations we have previously used for horse portrait photography shoots with post codes and descriptions of each location.

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