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About K2Photographic

Hello, I am Fletcher the photographer and owner of K2Photographic. I grew up in London with red double decker buses, sarsaparilla and bucket loads of curiosity which has taken me to a lot of places across the globe. I now live in Yorkshire with my wife Fran.

My passion for photography started as a child doing my paper round. I delivered all kinds of publications through people’s letter boxes and can remember looking through magazines like National Geographic and the Sunday Times Magazine, so I think this is where my appreciation of photography began.

Despite my interest in photography and a few film cameras in my early teens, it was later in life with a combination of the outdoors, travel and a Pentax K10 that my photography really started.

I took photographs of the activities, landscapes and places I visited, together with investing time and effort to learn the craft of photography. Although I am a self taught photographer, I have attended training courses in relation to photography, lighting and edditing. Over the past ten years I have purchased better photographic equipment as my passion has grown.

In 2013 like many other people I suddenly found myself being made redundant after 20 years of service and despite trying to find a normal or real job, I found that my skills were no longer required. I soon concluded, that if I was not willing to risk the usual, I would have to settle for the ordinary and end up doing something I hated, so I decided to become a working photographer which is what I now do.

I specialise in lifestyle and equine photography, although I also provide commissioned photography services for Headshots, Mini Branding and Architectural photography services.

I have had media and continue to be accredited for some the top equine events in the UK, so have a passion for equine photography. 

My wife Fran plays a major part in managing K2photographic and without her support it would be a real challenge. Fran is also a photographer, and helps with admin and web support. Fran also creates great images and won a National Geographic compertition for Landscape photography of Canyonlands in the USA.

K2Photographic Core Values

In my opinion a good photographer provides more than just images. I pride myself on providing real customer service together with a set of core values as a person. 

Integrity & Trust

One of the core values I grew up with was to treat those how you would want to be treated. I have integrated this value in to the services and products K2photographic provide. K2photographic provide transparent pricing and you will never experience the hard sell or pushy sales.



The smart phone has revolutionised how we communicate in numerous ways and people now have a camera with them all the time, so people can take pictures of whatever and whenever they like.

Photography is a very tough industry and any working photographer needs to provide a memorable experience together with unique images.

As lighting is key to photography I have invested a great deal of money, time and dedication to photographic lighting and thats why the images I create look good.

Creativity is not static, so I am always looking to provide images with emotion and impact and will work hard to provide you with the best images possible.

Another element that is important to photographing people and animals is interaction, so I am open to ideas and suggestions you may have, so if you have a photographic idea just ask. 





Why Should You Use K2Photographic?

Unparalleled customer service

Unique equine & lifestyle imagery

A photographer who will listen to your photographic brief

No hard sell or pushy sale pitch

A photographer that can help solve problems and find solutions in relation to your photography needs and requirements.

I look forward to being of service to you?


Fletcher Davies.      fletcher@k2photographic.com     Mobile 07838 178551

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