The London to Brighton Car Rally is the world’s longest running motoring event and as Sunday the 7th of November 2021 commemorated the 125th anniversary of the famous Emancipation Run of November 1896, I wanted to photograph it and share what we learned from a photography perspective so that other people may find aspects of our experience useful.

The London to Brighton run has taken place most years since its initial revival in 1927. It currently takes place on the first Sunday in November, starting at sunrise in Hyde Park London. mostly following the old A23 road to the finish at Brighton – a distance of 54 miles (87 km).

Previously Fran and I tried photographing the cars and drivers within Hyde Park about 8 years ago, but learning from that experience I wanted to minimise the distractions of high visibility jackets and security fencing at the starting point.

After looking at the route we concluded that Constitution Hill was probably a good option photographically, so we caught the Tube to Hyde Park Corner and the walked down Constitution Hill to look for photographic vantage points, but due to a tube delay we arrived just as the first cars were leaving the starting point.

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