Fran and I have been taking a portable lighting kit on various walks recently and using a modified lighting-stand that I had hacked using a Manfrotto Tripod and part of an old light-stand and although we have had some success with the hacked light-stand, I have concluded that as I intend to do more remote location lighting, I should purchase a light-stand designed for the job.

This weekend we decided to venture to the far end of Nidderdale and explore the magnificent Sypeland Crags which are located on Fountains Earth Moor between Sypeland Beck and Lul Beck. We hiked up from Lofthouse via Thrope Farm, it’s a steep incline, just shy of 400 meters and taking photography kit certainly increases the heart rate, so I thought it would be a good test for the recently acquired Manfrotto Nano Pole Plus, together with one Godox AD200 and the extension head.

As C Stand would be impossible to carry on a seven-mile hike, I have opted for the Nano Stand Plus, it can take more weight than the original Nano stand and it’s just a tad higher. The adjustable leg on the Nano Stand, allows vertical alignment on uneven ground, so for locations like Sypeland its’ ideal and makes such a difference. By the time we had walked past Jenny Twigg, the wind had really picked up and the sky was fast becoming stormy, so if the light-stand worked, we would be able to take some dramatic images, well that was the plan.

On reflection, the Manfrotto Nano Stand Plus did very well in the wind, so it will obviously be able to cope with less demanding conditions and locations. We were lucky to have the time to walk along the crag face and try a few ideas, before the storm finally rolled in with a heavy down poor of rain which ended the photography.  The kit worked well for this type of shoot and Nano Stand Plus is far better suited to these kinds of environments than my hacked light-stand and is in my opinion worth the cost

We are planning on doing more remote lighting projects over the next few months, trying out ideas and will try using the Godox AD360 next time, I think the extra half a stop of light will come in handy when I need more distance.

Lighting Kit used:

Godox AD200 with EC-20 Head, with five-inch reflector (bare bulb)

Manfrotto Nano Stand Plus. Godox TT600 flash. Godox trigger

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