Prior to the Coronavirus lockdown, back in February I facilitated a Get Out And Learn Off Camera Flash mini workshop for Andrea and her daughter Emily who wanted to take the opportunity to photograph Red Squirrels and learn how to use flash off camera.  

I provided Andrea and Emily with wireless TTL triggers, together with four Godox AD200’s and some small lighting modifiers so that they could experiment taking images with their cameras and lenses. Despite the cold and drizzle they both came prepared with plenty of warm clothing, sandwiches and a flask.

I wrote a blog about their experience and mine which you can read here: Reds Squirrels & Off Camera Flash A lot has changed since we met up in North Yorkshire, but I recently received an email from Andrea telling me that Emily had sent one of the better images she took of a Red Squirrel to Outdoor Photography Magazine and that there was a small mention of me in the write up, so I thought it only reasonable to write a blog and share a screen shot of her image and the article. 

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