Which Is More Effective For Marketing As A Photographer? I decided to write this blog for two reasons. The first was to question my perceptions in relation to which is the most effective way to display my photography online and the second was to examine if I could make any improvements to make my marketing more effective. I am certainly no expert on marketing, I am meaerly sharing my thoughts and conclusions, bust most importantly I discovered an incredible WordPress plugin that may help you? As a photographer is a website still the best way to “sell” yourself to potential clients, or are the Social Media platforms more effective? Personally, I think having an online presence is the easiest way to display your photographic content and I think it’s expected in today’s technological age. Moreover, an online presence certainly provide a greater potential in relation to reach. In relation to a Social Media presence, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube all have their own templates into which you can place and display your content. However, it is worth paying close attention to their terms and conditions, they can and do regularly change their T&C’s, but I guess that’s the price you pay as their services seem to be free. You may have noticed recently advertisements encouraging you to pay to reach your target market audiences? How effective paying for this service is I don’t know, but the general social media feeds, incur no financial outlay and can be an effective way to market your work with a huge potential in terms of reach. An alternative to purely relying on social media is having your own website to display your work. Today it’s certainly a lot easier and affordable than it was five years ago to have a website, there are numerous options available for every budget and requirement you may have that provide far more control of how your content is displayed. So, is which is better, a web site or social media? Personally, I concluded that they all have elements to play in relation to what I am trying to achieve, I am still looking for a silver bullet, but I think anyone trying market their services and products themselves will always face the same challenges. I have bookmarked websites both well-known and less well known, but recently I started thinking about how did I find the less well-known websites in relation to the Google Search bar? If you really want to understand how the Google Search Bar works. Here is a link: https://computer.howstuffworks.com/internet/basics/google1.htm The simple answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is a whole complex area in itself, but a useful to use when trying to learn how to optimize a website is GTMetrix.com I recently learned that GTMetrix can display a poor ranking if there are too many redirects for a URL to the landing page and after Googling how I could fix the redirects issue, although I was able to understand the problem, the solution in relation to changing some code still left me in the dark. The good news for people with no or limited coding skills is that there is a plugin that will identify and solve the redirect issue for you. The Avoider plugin, examines the redirects and then issues a suggestion for a solution. By simply clicking on it, the plugin makes the necessary settings in the .htaccess file – including backup of the existing file and the plugin itself is only 4kb in size. An Example of a redirect issue: If a visitor enters http://domainname.com in the browser, the visitor is redirected to httpS://domainname.com and finally lands on httpS://www.domainname.com. This double redirection is punished by numerous search engines and will affect your web page speed Prior to addressing the redirect issue of my website using Avoider plugin, using GTMetrix my Page Speed Score performance ranked at B 82% & my YSlow at B 86%. Since using the Avoider plugin and running GTMetrix to measure my websites performance, my Page Speed Score performance has now ranked at A 96% & my YSlow at A 93%. That’s certainly a big improvement and should also improve my SEO ratings. If you have website and have not already done so, it’s worth using GTMetrix to see how your site is performing and if you encounter any redirect issues and are not strong on coding, the Avoider plugin is worth a look. Avoider plugin link here: https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-avoider/ GTMetrix plugin link: https://gtmetrix.com

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