What you can’t carry on the back of a motorcycle just isn’t worth carrying!

There are about 5 million motorcycles in Hanoi alone, with a population of about 7 million.  The sheer number of bikes on the roads is overwhelming, especially as a pedestrian – even the pavements are used to park the bikes otherwise they are charged for parking on the road.  Crossing the road is somewhat of an experience – You just need to go for it – just don’t step backwards – the bikes will determine whether they pass in front or behind you just don’t dither!

The bikes are used to transport just about everything – we saw so many obscure things loaded on the back of the bikes, fridges to trees, some we captured some we missed.

Families of four or five going about their business. Interestingly, if anyone is wearing a helmet it seems to be the parents and the kids ride without a helmet.  The legal age to ride a bike is 16 but on many occasion we saw younger kids in school uniforms riding to and from school.  Helmets are compulsory but not everyone seemed to abide by this and the police often turned a blind eye.

Then to the animals, hens; ducks; dogs; pigs; and even buffalo if the locals couldn’t afford the lorry to take it to market.

Paniers are definitely overrated and it seems all you really need is industrial sized sellotape or you can just hold on to it with your spare

Trip from the off Licence

In The Rain

An elevated view

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